Do you need empowerment to stop a self-destructive substance abuse habit? Maybe you’ve tried rehab before but were disappointed in the results. A women’s recovery center may very well succeed where other types of facilities failed. What do you need to know about this treatment model today? Learn more about the advantage of a women’s treatment program today at Soledad House.

Why a Women-Only Facility Makes Sense

Men need camaraderie and challenges during rehab. Women need security and nurturing. Have you tried to stop using in a facility that doesn’t cater to a female clientele? If so, you may have undergone someone else’s rehab experience.

For you to overcome an addiction, it most likely takes a staff that understands the courage you bring to the table. You need a setting that capitalizes on your strengths and encourages personal growth. You want comfort and the opportunity to find your voice. What you don’t need is an environment where therapists try to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach for every participant.

A women’s treatment center also has the advantage of same-gender companions. In a co-ed addiction treatment program, many women, particularly those who have suffered from abuse or other trauma, may be uncomfortable sharing their experiences. However, in a women-only treatment program, you can let down your guard a bit. You may even find that the other women around you share your experiences. Furthermore, because there aren’t any men in the program, you can focus more on topics that relate solely to women. This focus allows you to frame your ideas differently.

What to Expect from a Women’s Recovery Center

In the focused environment of a female-centric treatment atmosphere, you’ll find a situation suitable for opening up. During one-on-one talk therapy sessions, you’ll work with caring experts who help you discover more about yourself. You’ll learn to discern negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that adversely affect your decision-making. A holistic approach to wellness acknowledges that recovery is more than just ending a substance abuse problem.

Instead, it’s an approach that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. Addiction treatment options may include:

  • Exercise therapy that embraces the understanding how a healthy body can support a healthy mind
  • Spiritually that transcends religion to help you get in touch with a higher power of your choosing for emotional healing
  • 12-Step Program attendance to connect accountability with relapse prevention
  • Family focus that includes therapy sessions for family members, which help to facilitate healing
  • Sober parties that assist you in the practice of having fun without the need or temptation to use for a heightened involvement

At a women’s recovery center, you’ll have the opportunity to experience these types of healing activities in a male-free environment. Most importantly, you’ll be able to focus on breaking the cycle of addiction. In the process, you’ll return to a state of enjoying life without the compulsion to use. The proper setting will help support this change in thinking.

A team of compassionate therapists and medical professionals will collaborate with you on goal setting. When you begin treatment, you’ll work on a personalized addiction treatment plan that includes your goals, benchmarks, and plans. Returning to the real world happens incrementally with the full support of a nurturing environment. A group of individuals, who wants to see you succeed, will assist you at every step of your journey to recovery.

Getting Help for a Substance Abuse Problem Today

Don’t put off reaching out for help for another day. Although you may believe that your situation is hopeless, there’s a group of dedicated therapists who will prove you wrong. Find out more by talking to an admissions counselor at the women’s only Soledad House. Contact Soledad House at 866.314.3222 now to begin your journey.

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