There are lots of approaches to beginning recovery from alcohol use. Some people might think that all a person has to do is stop and that it is as simple as just not drinking alcohol. What many people don’t realize, though, is that alcohol withdrawal can be challenging and even potentially dangerous. It is always a good idea to seek professional help for substance use recovery, but it is especially important for alcohol. A medical detox program, followed up by an alcohol addiction treatment program, can give you or your loved one the best chance for recovery. Our team at Liberty Health Services is proud to offer an alcohol detox center for our clients.

What Happens During Withdrawal from Alcohol?

The experience of withdrawal is unique to each individual, although there are symptoms that are commonly part of the process. Also, the withdrawal experience is determined to some degree by the length of time the person has been drinking. How much they tend to drink and how frequently they drink can also impact the recovery process. Withdrawal can begin within hours of the last drink taken and usually lasts between seven and ten days.

Some of the most common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Anxiety, irritability, and angry outbursts
  • Insomnia or other sleep disturbances
  • Visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Sweating and shaking
  • Heart racing and high blood pressure
  • Seizures or convulsions

In people who drink heavily for a long time, there is a risk of injury or even death due to the severe physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Still, it is possible to minimize these risks with proper treatment and medical supervision.

How Does Medical Detox for Alcohol Work?

Much like other detox programs, medical detox for alcohol aims to help the client navigate withdrawal safely and comfortably. A care team of medical and therapeutic professionals will assess each client’s needs in order to determine the best course of treatment.

During the withdrawal process, the medical staff will monitor the client in order to ensure their safety. If symptoms emerge that medication or other therapies can alleviate, we will offer those treatments for the client’s comfort. There are no medicines that can prevent or remove the withdrawal symptoms, but it is possible to manage them with proper treatment.

Also, the client will be cared for by therapeutic staff to make sure that their emotional and mental needs are being met. Detox can be a difficult process, even with medical supervision, and the client must begin to heal psychologically and physically during this time. Often, the client will be transitioned to a post-detox treatment program to continue their recovery journey with additional therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Medical Detox for Alcohol?

There are many benefits of using a medical detox program rather than trying to quit at home. Some of these are:

  • Studies have shown that people who complete a detox program have a better chance of maintaining their recovery over time than those who quit on their own. 
  • Being monitored by care staff during the withdrawal process ensures the person’s safety.
  • During the therapeutic process, clients learn healthy coping skills that will help them stay sober in the future.
  • The staff of the medical detox program can help the client transition into the next stage of recovery care and treatment.

Begin Recovery at Liberty Health Services

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol abuse, reach out to a medical detox or addiction treatment program near you. If you are near Nashua, New Hampshire, Liberty Health Services in Derry, New Hampshire, is a premier drug and alcohol treatment program offering medically-supervised alcohol detox. Contact our caring and professional staff today at 855.689.5685 to learn more.

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