For people with a substance use disorder, there are numerous obstacles in the path to treatment. For some, going to a residential treatment program might not be the most effective route to recovery. Yet, they may not be sure they can stop using substances on their own. That’s where the use of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program may help. At Virtues Behavioral Health, our addiction treatment programs are designed to provide you with exceptional help.

What Is a Medication-Assisted Treatment Program?

A MAT program uses certain FDA-approved medications to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and cravings. When a person is dependent on a substance, that means the drug has changed the brain’s chemistry significantly. The brain becomes dependent on it, as can the body. Without the drug’s presence, the brain struggles to function as it should. Over a period of time, it becomes nearly impossible to stop using the drug without help.

These medications may work to help stop the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They do this by fooling the brain into thinking that the drug is still present. Over a period of time, the brain starts to break that dependency. The end result is no withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings, but no longer needing to use.

How Long Will a MAT Program in Los Angeles Take?

The benefits of the medications begin right away. Though it may take some adjustment for a person to feel as though they can stop using, most people begin to feel better right away. The hard question is knowing when you can stop using these medications.

Each person’s recovery process is a bit different. Some people need more time, often several weeks at the minimum. Others need to remain on the drug for much longer. The length of the recovery process depends on the severity of your drug use, the length of time you’ve used, and other complications. Most people will be able to come off these medications over time. This may take some work especially with changing medications over time.

Yet, most people do not experience any type of addiction or negative outcome from using these medications. Your doctor will talk to you about any potential risks or side effects. Since there are so many medications available (and each with a different purpose and benefit) it becomes necessary to adjust meds over time.

That’s Not All There Is to a MAT Program in California

While a big part of the substance abuse treatment process for addiction comes from the medications you’ll use, MAT is not just about these medications. There is still the need to use therapy to help you overcome the damage brought on by addiction. This includes damage to families, careers, confidence, and health. MAT complements but does not replace the need for psychotherapy.

At Virtues Behavioral Health, we offer a range of treatment options to help our clients overcome the underlying causes of addiction. Each therapy program is a bit different in how it helps, but all contribute to helping to build a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Some of the addiction therapy programs we offer include:

  • Nutrition therapy programs
  • Fitness therapy programs
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Yoga therapy program

In addition to this, each of our clients receives help for relapse prevention, life skills training, and ongoing aftercare support. You’ll work with therapists in individual and group therapy. You can also embrace family therapy opportunities. All of this works together to provide the best recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Invest in Your Health at Virtues Behavioral Health

For those considering the value of a medication-assisted treatment program, our team at Virtues Behavioral Health offers the support you need. It takes a few minutes to learn more about your treatment needs when you speak to our dedicated, compassionate counselors. Invest in your future. Call us at 855.579.8599 or connect with our team online.

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